Wooden formwork beam Compact C 20 N
- typically steidle.

steidle, the inventor of the wooden formwork beam, has re-developed its legendary Compact C 20 / 8 formwork beam after having been used on building sites for more than 20 years. The new steidle Compact C 20 N has been specially designed for everyday use on your building site and is now substantially lighter than before while still offering the same approved structural bending moment and shear force characteristics.

Indeed, the Compact C 20 / 8 product’s well known advantage of being manufactured entirely out of the same specially selected solid wood has also been retained for the steidle Compact C 20 N product. Featuring threefold all-over adhesive strength and allowing for the beams to be shortened subsequently in any position, the steidle Compact C 20 N offers an above-average lifespan.

And because the steidle Compact C 20 N beam is made from only one material – solid wood – disposal is not an issue when the time finally arrives for its removal. The Compact C 20 N is compatible with all common H 20 formwork beams. Our factory’s own production controls and our manufacturing plant in Sigmaringen, Germany, serve in guaranteeing that the product’s quality remains at the same high level.


the following should be used for structural calculations according to its official approval:
max. shear force Q max = 11.0 kN
max. bending moment M max = 5.0 kNm
characteristic shear force threshold value Vk = 24.0 kN
characteristic bending moment threshold value Mk = 11.0 kNm
weight 5.0 kg /m
dimensions of upper & lower flange 80 mm x 39 mm
dimensions of connecting bar 35 mm x 120 mm
beam height 200 mm
beam width 80 mm
lengths in metres 1.50 – 6.00 m
special lenghts available on request up to 12.00 m


Flange and connecting bar:
Manufactured from special pine (solid wood) of Nordic or local quality with limited annual ring width,lengthways finger jointing in accordance with DIN 68140-1.

The gluing of the upper flange, two connecting bar surfaces and lower flange is carried out parallel with the grain and butt-jointed in accordance with official adhesion requirements. Fixing is carried out using aluminium nails.


16. Juli 2024

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