Timber formwork beam

Wooden formwork beam - Lattice girder R 24
- typically steidle.

The steidle lattice girder R 24 has a robust design making it a breakproof, durable and hence economical formwork support for all building applications. lattice girder R 24 is the right choice as part of formwork on ceilings and walls, and also when it comes to producing standard or special formwork elements.

Permissible stresses and bearing forces
End bearing forces in the case of simple and continuous beams
Bearing forces for continuous and cantilever beams

Auflagerkräfte bei Durchlauf- und Kragträgern

dimensions of upper & lower flange 81 mm x 60 mm
brace width 28 mm
girder height 240 mm
girder width 81 mm
girder weight 6.0 kg/m
grid intervals in metres 0.90 – 6.00 m at 30 cm intervals

Flange, brace and end post:
Made of special pine wood, Nordic quality with a narrow annual ring width.

The wooden flanges, braces and end posts are glued together by means of bonding pegs.

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